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What Day Is It Again?

It’s been a while, as the song says. A loooooooong while. 2022 has been, well, a big year for me personally. I got a promotion at my full time, pays all my bills job which has been an incredible boon for the family as well as a huge learning experience for me. As I acclimated to my new and challenging role I began working on setting better boundaries around my time and energy, something I plan to continue refining in 2023 (any of you who work in supply chain logistics you know what I mean). My goal is to have more time for this site next year. That’s one of my few goals for the year. The other pertain to my health, and my family. Expect a highly curated selection of books to be posted once or twice a month (you can still special order anything *in print and available to me through distribution, unfortunately my reach is not infinite*) as well as a (hopefully) monthly post on…something. Maybe book related, maybe behind the scenes, maybe something completely different.