Changes for 2021 have arrived!

(tl;dr data entry is very boring, human interaction is more fun, so I changed things)

At this point in time The Red Hen Bookshop is adopting a “Book Concierge” model. What is a Book Concierge? A Book Concierge is someone who does all the work of finding books and making recommendations, so you (the customer) does not need to. Worry not, there will still be books listed but they will primarily be books from indie presses I know and love, and pre-orders and books as specifically requested.

Why the change? Honestly it’s about the time available to invest as compared to the time needed to maintain the different models, and the return on that investment. Most orders that I get are special orders, where the customer has reached out to me with a list or request for recommendation that I then list and they order. There is very little independent browsing traffic being converted to orders, and spending hours each week to keep the new book listings updated just doesn’t match the low level of return for that work. Hence the shift. All gift boxes, subscription, gift cards, and swag are still available, but the only books listed will be the books specifically requested. This allows me more time to exist, and lets me enjoy managing the site more. I still plan for a Bookmobile in the future, and hope to be able to pop up at vendor events, so I’m not dropping off the map entirely. Just adjusting things so I don’t burn out 🙂