Gift Sets For Parental Figures


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Want a gift for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, or that special person in your life that has filled the role of guide, cheerleader, confidant, and more? Take your pick from the options. Each set comes with two books and some fun stuff, tailored to each type.

The Builder: For the person who loves building new things, small to large.

The Fixer: For the person who likes to fix things- around the house, on the car, in life, and more.

The Grower: Whether they have a green, brown, or black thumb, they love to grow things (even if they aren’t always good at it)- this gift set is for them.

The Maker: They craft, they cook, they make all sorts of things- this one’s for them.

The Cleaner: They like things clean (and after last year, they might be a little more aggressive with their cleanliness)- so give them something they’ll like!

The Organizer: They love organizing (or want to be more organized)? This is the set for them.

The Executive: Always on the go, making big decisions and following through, Zooming at all hours? This is the perfect gift set for them.

The Homebody: They prefer to stay home, all cozy and comfortable- and really, don’t we all, at least some days? This one’s perfect for them.

The Adventurer: Was last year hard for them? Are they chomping at the bit to get out and go places and see new things again? This is their gift set!

If you want the gifts in time for Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, the orders must be placed by:

Mother’s Day- Place your order by 4/25

Father’s Day- Place your order by 6/6

Orders placed after those dates cannot be guaranteed to be complete in time to reach you before the holiday.

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The Builder, The Fixer, The Grower, The Maker, The Cleaner, The Organizer, The Executive, The Homebody, The Adventurer, Build Your Own