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Have a list of books you want but don’t want to spend time searching for them?

Need book recommendations for a book club or homeschool co-op and want to be able to order them at the same time?

For those big lists and long searches, look no further! A “book concierge” is someone who does all the work for you, and it happens to be one of the Red Hen’s favorite parts about selling books (a researcher at heart). This is for book lists longer than 10 books. How it works:

  1. You select how many books you are looking for, and provide a list of books or notes in the ordering process- more information is always better.
  2. You pay the “up front” (non refundable) deposit amount. This is because looking up and listing books takes a lot of time, and once the list hits 10+, it is nice to have something for the effort right off the bat.
  3. The Red Hen contacts you for any information, or to let you know the books are listed, and (here’s the best part) to give you the specific discount code that deducts the deposit amount from the order.
  4. You order your books and everyone is happy!


  • This assumes all one age range. If you have a lot of different age ranges just choose the option with the greatest amount.
  • This is different than a bulk order. If you want to order all of one specific book please use the Contact form to set that up with the Red Hen separately.


Additional information

Number of Books

10-15, 15-20, 20-25, 25+

Age Range

Adult, Young Adult, Teen, Middle Grade, Early Reader, Pre-k and Younger