Red Hen Hide & Seek 2021

2021 marks five years online for the Red Hen Bookshop. There will be 15 Red Hen stuffies hidden in Downtown Hannibal, with clues posted throughout the day on Facebook and Instagram. Remember- everyone gets a fair shake at this, so once you find one and claim it, please leave any others where you find them 😉

Red Hen Hide & Seek 2020

Another year has come and gone and it is time for more Red Hen Stuffies to leave the nest and find new homes! Stuffies will be hidden throughout Downtown Hannibal the morning of *Rescheduled to May 16-18*, with clues posted periodically. If you find one, share a pic and tag the Red Hen Bookshop!

A note from the Red Hen: This event is loads of fun, and it is a way for me to mark another year down in the books. To ensure that everyone has fun, I ask that you please collect only one Red Hen Stuffie per year- these are not Pokemon, and you don’t win anything extra for collecting all of them 😉